Nicki Minaj R10million richer thanks to Tribe One Festival

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Nicki Minaj  | Drama

That headline just broke our hearts, who on earth gets paid R10 million TO DO NOTHING!? Nicki Minaj did. Look, we're all aware that all artists who were set to perform at the now cancelled Tribe One Festival had been partly paid already. We didn't realise that the likes of Nicki Minaj were seriously rolling in the Madibas after pocketing a R10million non-refundable fee for a show she didn't even perform in.

Derrick Kaufmann, spokesperson for the Tribe One Festival said that Nicki was "nice" about the whole situation. We'd also be "nice" if we were paid R10million in full for a job we didn't even do. Nicki Minaj must've been relieved too, that sixteen hour flight to South Africa is no joke!

Yesterday, City Press laid out all the dirty details on how much the festival cost and it turned out to be a whooping R65million in total! The cost wasn't just the responsibility of the organizers; the City of Tshwane have incurred that same cost too. No wonder they are up in arms and are forcing the organizers to continue with the festival! 

Did Nicki Minaj even console her SA Barbz about this whole depressing situation? Sure, its not part of her job, but for R10 million she could've atleast attempted to tweet "Eish, askies', my SA Barbz but I won't be swinging my Anaconda in the African jungle anytime soon."