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Nicole Nyaba catches heat for her booking fees

By  | Jan 11, 2022, 01:16 PM  | Nicole Nyaba  | Drama

Image of Nicole Nyaba
Model and socialite Nicole Nyaba first got famous when she was tied to rapper AKA, and the two of them were alleged to be dating. She recently revealed her booking charges through her manager, and Mzansi is having a field day with the news. 
As popular entertainment reporter Musa Khawula recently reported, Nicoleโ€™s manager charges R15 000 to book her for an event. The price excludes her transportation and accommodation charges, as well as that of four other members of her team that she travels with. 
As soon as the news hit social media, it immediately sent tongues wagging. First of all, nobody seems to understand what exactly it is that she does that would have people booking her. She is not a performer, so what exactly is she bringing to the event?
Of course there are celebrities who get paid to just attend events. But it is usually because they are magnetic personalities, whose fans adore them. Having them as the main appearance for the night is sure to drive up ticket sales as their fans would love to meet them. 

But as tweeps tried to wrap their minds around why Nicole charges that much, a recurring question was โ€œwho is she?โ€ Tweeps think she is too unknown to attract masses to an event, so it makes no sense that she would be paid for an appearance. 
Tweeps are wondering if she thinks she is a big celebrity just because of AKA, even though neither of them ever admitted they had a relationship. 

It gets even stranger when you consider that AKA charges R200K for an event. If indeed AKA is her claim to fame, then he did not do her any justice because their charges differ vastly. But perhaps it is because fans actually understand exactly what AKA brings to an event. 

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Perhaps Nicole means to perform her song, since she recently made a bold entry into the music industry. Her first single titled MaDONNA was quite the shocker, as she promoted it with a completely nude picture. Talk about audacity! 

Either way, she seems to be aware of her worth and sticking to it, which we love to see. Just recently, music producer Mampintsha also shared how much he charges to do a feature in a song, causing tweeps to drag him mercilessly. 

But he stuck to his guns and clapped back, saying that those who would complain about the booking fees are obviously not the target audience, so everyone should mind their business. 
Nicole may have to borrow a leaf from Mampintshaโ€™s book of self confidence, as Mzansi social media can be brutal to celebrities. 

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