Nicole Nyaba opens up about her relationship with AKA

The Instagram star is sharing her side of the story 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Nicole Nyaba  | Relationships

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Nicole Nyaba is one of South Africa's most popular Instagram models, the 26-year-old made headlines late last year when she was rumoured to be cheating with AKA, and now months later, the model is setting the record straight. 

AKA and Bonang's relationship was rumoured to be on the rocks after Nicole Nyaba was reportedly caught cheating with AKA, the rumours began after she posted an image of herself with the rappers car in the background. In the midst of the scandal, AKA  dismissed the rumours and now Nicole is doing the same, speaking to Trending SA, Nicole cleared the air about her relationship with AKA.

“First of all, I was not AKA’s side chick, I was not the main, I was nothing to him, unfortunately, I didn’t know what Kiernan’s car would look be honest with the whole of SA, I really didn’t know that was his car, I only found out afterwards when everyone was making a fuss about it. I had never been in that car,” she said.

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Speaking of her current relationship status, she said that she was single, and although there were many men eyeing her, she only had eyes for one man.

“I’m actually not seeing anyone, I’m not in a relationship with anyone, I like someone,” she said.

Nicole who has been spotted with Gemini major on a holiday in Cape Town went on to slam claims that she and Gemini Major were in a relationship, saying that the producer had been mentoring her as she ventures into the music business as a rapper.

“Gemini is literally my mentor, I’ve just started doing music right now, so he’s been helping me out to train my voice…"

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