Twinning: Cute Visuals Of Takkies And Her Daughter

Takkies and Sana are serving us daughter and mother goals

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Nkateko "Takkies" Dinwiddy  | Drama

Takkies and her daughter, Sana Dinwiddy, have the most adorable bond.

The beautiful fitness model announced the arrival of her daughter in January last year, but during her pregnancy she was dancing and exercising her butt off; making sure she stays fit and fabulous throughout.

It's clear that Sana is learning from her mom as they occasionally spend some time together in matching outfits; sweating it off during their fun and playful workouts.
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Those are not the only twinning moments that they enjoy. The pair also spend their time in matching bikinis as they play in the sand and take walks along the beach.

In a recent post, Takkies shared some of the exciting milestones her daughter has reached as they teach they celebrate 21 months together: " Guys I can’t believe how much she has grown over the past few months. Let me share some cool milestones with you.
She is now putting sentences together.
She loves counting.
She is trying to dress herself including her shoes. She is such a go getter and won’t give up until she gets it right.
She knows her ABC.
She is familiar with most animals.
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These are the moments that make life worthwhile.

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Main image credit: instagram/takkies7