Moozlie Accused Of Streaming Her Own Music

This after Spirit Of An OG reached 500K streams

By  | Feb 19, 2021, 04:05 PM  | Nomuzi "Moozlie" Mabena  | Drama

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Moozlie's latest album Spirit Of An OG reached it's first major milestone of 500K streams on all digital musical streaming platforms since its release. Instead of rejoicing on the major milestone, she had to fight off trolls who dampened her spirits.

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Trolls accused Moozlie of streaming her very own album for the past two months which caused it to reach 500K streams. Claiming that no one listens to the rapper's music which is quiet bizarre.

"You gotta count your blessings & your streams mmkhay! #SpiritOfAnOG just hit that 500 000 streams across all digital platforms. Thank you to everything that’s given us their ears & their time. You are appreciated," she thanked.

Some of the mean comments include, “No one is tryna be mad or mean Sis. We just wanted to find out who had actually streamed your album 500 000 times, since we didn’t know you had released an album in the first place. It’s honestly not that deep hey. Love and peace“.

"I swear I don't know anyone who listens to this hun. Like who wakes up and thinks "I feel like listening to Moozlie" today !?"

The rapper
and actress however is trying to ignore the hate but it proved too big for her to do so. "The energy on twitter can be so weird. Why ya’ll always just tryna be mad or mean?! You know having a twitter account doesn’t mean you know everything right?"

She clapped back by saying it is not easy marketing an album during a pandemic, "The payola tweets are actually a huge compliment. It’s quite wild that you guys think lil ol’ independent me is on that level... During a pandemic? Hai that’s pretty OP."
In a heated exchange with a tweep, she called a spade, a spade, "You know damn well people are just play stupid & heartless on these twitter streets. You can be shocked without questioning the integrity of my work. So nawe don’t be shocked when I call a spade a spade. If the shoe doesn’t fit you, avoid getting corns my brother."

Moozlie is all about authenticity so speaking to ZAlebs, she opened up about not wanting to make 'bubble gum music'

"I wanted it to be organic I didn’t want force anything I didn’t like want to make bubble gum music just so I have songs out because going into the studio and writing it’s a thing that can happen but to do something that really real and will connect with an audience outside of you and just the producer in the studio that takes like a certain kind of magic that you cannot force so I was really just kind of waiting on that," explains Moozlie.

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