Nota Woke Up To Drag Shimza And alleged girlfriend Athi Gabela

Not forgetting to drag Kwesta and Emtee

By  | Dec 03, 2022, 11:44 AM  | Drama

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On Friday, 2 December 2022, the Twitter streets breathed a sigh of relief as former music executive and now controversial Twitter account, Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi took a few hours away from the app. This came off the back of the Twitter personality trending for reasons that were probably not of his own volition.

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This is as a series of images of Nota allegedly taking a nap at the popular Johannesburg nightclub Sumo began making the rounds. Tweeps and trolls alike had a feast dragging Nota for filth with suggestions that the self-proclaimed millionaire who does not need to work due to his early success was believed to be homeless. 
But Nota came back to the blue app ready with his ammunition. First he denied having slept at the club suggesting that he was merely on his phone. A sentiment which was quickly rebutted using pictures as evidence. 
Seeing as his first response got ridiculed. Nota decided to shift gears by going back to cyberbullying his estranged wife, Berita. This is as he suggested that the “break” he took off social media was due to his latest attempt to get back with Berita in order for her to bring his smile…
However, it did take long until Nota was back in his old form as he took aim at the growing list of ZAlebs that have publicly gone head-to-head with him. 
Nota woke up to drag Shimza and alleged girlfriend Athi Gabela
Nota and producer-DJ and businessman Shimza have had their fair amount of tears. Officially beginning when Nota took aim at Shimza for his affiliation with the ruling party and the alleged corrupt tenders he received as a result. Nota suggested that Shimza got the tenders due to his relationship with the Spokesperson to the Presidency Athi Geleba. 
Now, Nota has continued his social media attack on Shimza and Athi. But this time suggesting that Geleba might just be more than just the president’s spokesperson…
Nota on Emtee and Kwesta
Seemingly, it seems that the cyberbullying that he was directing at Athi and Shimza did not get any attention. Nota decided to attack his former friend and business partner, rapper Kwesta. This comes of the back of Kwesta releasing his joint project with Kabza de Small. 
Seeing as the last time Kwesta had a mega hit was arguably with his 2018 hit single Spirit featuring Wale. Nota thought he could attack his latest release and his currently freestyling ability. All the while forgetting his own deplorable showcase just last week. A fact which again he was reminded about in the comments section. 
Lastly, Nota shared his feelings on Emtee, This comes as Emtee had fun dragging Nota for his now viral sleeping images as he changed his profile picture to Nota and him sleeping. A fact which Nota took as a “compliment” suggesting that it only affirmed his relevance and impact on pop culture… Sentiments which continue to corroborate suggestions that maybe Nota is calling out for help and no one is recognising the fact. 

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