Mpho Wabadimo Disappointed By Themba Broly For Bona Magazine

The two were meant to do the cover together.

By  | Mar 25, 2023, 10:01 AM  | Relationships

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Mpho Wabadimo and Themba Broly seemed the perfect couple when the two came out from the Big Brother mansion happy and with R2 million which was won by Mpho on the last season of Big Brother Mzansi. However, since being in the outside world, the wheels have started to come off.

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Primarily, this can be attributed to the SABC 1 Themba Broly reality show My Inked World which has shed light into the reality of the two’s relationship. Specifically, viewers have gotten to see that Themba might not be mature enough for a long-term and committed relationship. 

As more episodes of the show come out, there are fewer and fewer viewers who are not surprised why the couple did not last. 

Mpho Wabadimo disappointed by Themba Broly for Bona magazine

Back in February 2023, Mpho Wabadimo was celebrated as she became the second covergirl for the newly re-established magazine Bona. This is as Mpho officially announced that she was pregnant with her second child. A child which she was having with Themba Broly. 

Mpho’s cover was shot alone and she looked happy. So much so that she was the toast of the town as her fellow ZAlebs and fans celebrated her achieving her first cover shoot. 
But it seems that the reality of shooting the cover was not all that it seemed like at the time. This is as the latest episode of My Inked World revealed what was going on behind the scenes. From the latest episode, we learned that Mpho was not meant to do the cover alone. 

The reality star was supposed to do the cover with her now ex-boyfriend Themba Broly. However, in true Themba form, he disappointed Mpho on the day when he did not show up, and she then had to do the cover alone. As such, fans have continued to drag Themba accusing him of being immature and currently unable to have an adult relationship. 
However, what the episode did do is affirm why Mpho has decided to officially end things with Themba Broly. This is as she recently confirmed that she is on her way to being a single mother of two. As reported

On Tik Tok, there has been a video that has been circulated of Mpho promoting that her apartment is currently on sale. Firstly, she attributed the decision to the fact that she cannot walk up the stairs as easily due to her pregnancy. However, she then explained in full when she stated that: 

“And secondly, I'm single again! So this place has become a keeper of memories I want to leave behind… I’m moving to a new place, and I’m moving closer to the Eastrand because also, uhm, I went to the doctor the other day and they found out that I have a bit of a complication with my pregnancy and that has been a fluke. So I need to be as close to home so that if anything happens to me I have somebody to assist me…”

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