Mpho Wabadimo Confirms Being Single

Reality star moves out of her apartment to be closer to her family ahead of the baby's arrival.

By  | Mar 25, 2023, 09:36 AM  | Relationships

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Mpho Wabadimo is the latest winner of Big Brother Mzansi. The reality star and influencer got a hefty winning cheque of R1 million rand. However, it has already been alleged that she has spent all that money. Mostly, the reports suggest that her money was mostly spent by her boyfriend Themba Broly.

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The two started dating while they were in the Big Brother house and for the first year of their relationship it seemed that the two were in love and happy. However, with the announcement and subsequent premiere of Themba’s SABC 1 reality show My Inked World, the cracks in their relationship started to be apparent. 

First, it was the matter of Themba’s first baby mama and supposed love of his life Nqobile being involved in their relationship. Then it was the matter of Themba’s family seemingly preferring Nqobile to Mpho. This led to Mpho’s family initially believing that Nqobile might have bewitched Themba.

However, when Mpho discovered that she was pregnant, it seems that she started to realise that maybe Themba was the problem and not Nqobile. This is as Mpho revealed just how absent Themba was during her pregnancy journey. Initially, Mpho excused the behaviour believing that it was work pressures. But soon enough she discovered that Themba was not ready nor mature enough to be a supportive partner. 

As such, Mpho shared a life update which confirmed that she was headed to being a single parent of two. 

Mpho Wabadimo confirms being single

On Tik Tok, there has been a video that has been circulated of Mpho promoting that her apartment is currently on sale. Firstly, she attributed the decision to the fact that she cannot walk up the stairs as easily due to her pregnancy. However, she then explained in full when she stated that: 

“And secondly, I'm single again! So this place has become a keeper of memories I want to leave behind… I’m moving to a new place, and I’m moving closer to the Eastrand because also, uhm, I went to the doctor the other day and they found out that I have a bit of a complication with my pregnancy and that has been a fluke. So I need to be as close to home so that if anything happens to me I have somebody to assist me…”
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Mpho’s last sentiments suggest that Themba is not present. A fact which has resulted in some social media users having an, “I told you so” moment. This is as Mpho during her happier days with Themba was believed to have been arrogant as the two were set to get married. 

However, even with Nqobile warning Mpho that Themba was immature and not ready to be a father. This is because she was the breadwinner of their family ahead of Themba’s success since appearing on Big Brother.

But at the time, Mpho had suggested that the naysayers were jealous of her relationship. This is the fact which has left some social media users without any empathy for the reality star given her current circumstances.

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