Ntando Duma Has Had Enough Of Parenting Guru's

Mama is tired of "Parent Twitter" and their unsolicited parenting advice.

By  | Jul 05, 2020, 03:16 PM  | Ntando Duma  | Drama

Ntando Duma is tired of tweeps telling her how to parent her 3-year old daughter, Sunanoko as she is known on social media because of her viral memes. But real name, Sbahle Mzizi, has captured the hearts of many South Africans. So when Ntando posted the teaser for the YouTube vlog of the Sbahle learning to bake, trolls taking to the comments section to share their parenting advice was not part of the plan.

The first was a tweep that clearly did not do his research and wanted to know if the multi-lingual toddler can speak any other language besides English. Ntando explained to the tweep Sbahle can speak a total of six of the official languages and not just English. 

Another troll from "Parent Twitter" that was lacking in the research department started with a different tactic. The tweep first complimented Ntando on raising her daughter, then adding spice by referring to how “heartbreaking” it was to hear a child lose their cultural identity because Ntando allegedly has again only taught Sbahle English. Ntando was less polite in this response, suggesting that maybe the tweep should give birth to one of their own, and raise them however they want to raise their own bundle of joy.

Image credit: Instagram @dumantando