Ten Years Of Marital Bliss!

Ntombi Mzolo celebrates wedding anniversary with hubby.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Ntombi Ngcobo Mzolo  | Drama

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With all the latest divorces in celebville, coming across a couple that still has this love thing on lockdown is nothing short of inspiring.

Media personality, Ntombi Mzolo recently celebrated an impressive 10 years of marriage to her hubby, Sizwe Mzolo.

All marriages are bound to sail through dark oceans, and the Mzolos were not exempt from this reality. A few years ago their newborn baby boy died after being diagnosed with a heart condition. This heart-wrenching experience has clearly not caused a division between them. Also in 2016, Ntombi revealed that she was ready to up and leave as she found marriage life to be quite daunting.

Ntombi's parents are legendary musicians, Linah and Ihhashi'elimhlophe. With such a strong template for a successful marriage, she was able to seek counsel from them - regarding that confusing period in her own marriage shortly after getting hitched.

Taking to Instagram, the mother of two posted the following:

''10yrs of marriage with this amazing man has been nothing short of amazing and I wouldn't trade it for anything.''

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Instagram embed

Not all is gloomy in the love department for some of our celebrities.

A few months ago, media mogul, Carol Bouwer celebrated an impressive 19 years of marriage to hubby, Edward Bouwer.

The mother of one took to Instagram and posted quite a lengthy and heartfelt caption regarding their special union. Not much is known about the Bouwers, therefore when Carol shared a bit about the history of their marriage, we couldn't help but be happy for them.

Congratulations to the Mzolos on this rare milestone.

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