Ntsiki Mazwai Defends Paying DJ Fresh's Legal Fees

Seems Mazwai is blaming the public for her financial loss.

By  | Jan 31, 2023, 08:47 AM  | Ntsiki Mazwai  | Drama

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Ntsiki Mazwai has asserted herself as a female activist who has strong opinions on perpetrators of sexual violence against women. A stance which was part of the reason she was so vocal when Kwaito artist Brickz went to jail after being found guilty for raping his alleged blood relative. This was after Mazwai levelled her own allegations of rape against Brickz.

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However, one the more consistent back and forths that Mazwai has had with male ZAlebs who have also found themselves at the receiving end of rape allegations are DJ Fresh and Euphonik. Back in 2021, DJ Fresh and Euphonik found themselves as the centre of rape accusations. 

This was due to what was labelled as a “rape list” on Twitter. The lists were composed by various Twitter users sharing their list of male ZAlebs they alleged have been sexually inappropriate. But DJ Fresh and Euphonik found themselves at the centre when social media user Nampree alleged that the two drugged then conspired to have their way with her. While she was not sure about DJ Fresh, she was sure that Euphonik did have his way with her without her consent. 
When the matter went viral on social media, Ntsiki used this fact to assert that this was proof of validity in terms of her own past claims about the broadcasters. A fact which resulted in Mazwai being sued for defamation by DJ Fresh and Euphonik. 

Ntsiki Mazwai defends paying DJ Fresh's legal fees

When DJ Fresh guest hosted Podcast and Chill this past Monday, 30 January 2023.

He provided an update on the legal proceedings by confirming that the matter was closed. Moreover, DJ Fresh confirmed they had the case and Mazwai and Lebyane were liable to pay for his and Euphonik’s legal fees after losing the court case. 
It did not take long for Ntsiki to have the matter get back to her, and for her to take to the blue app to state why she had to pay over R200k to DJ Fresh after losing. In what seemed to be confirmation of DJ Fresh’s stance on Mazwai allegedly being a femi-nazi; meant to describe women who weaponise the feminist movement. 
Ntsiki did not seem to take accountability, but instead seemed to want to shift the reason she did not win the case to the public. Moreover, she went on to allege that her loss was proof that the legal system was flawed and influenced by money and who can “buy” the judges. 
Penny Lebyane on the other hand seems focussed on moving on from the drama as she is alleged to owe R80k to pay for DJ Fresh’s legal fees following also losing the case against her “ex” and longtime foe. 

This is as it is believed that DJ Fresh was dating Penny Lebyane during their Y.FM days. But when Fresh met his now ex-wife, that he treated Lebyane like a sneaky link. A fact which irked her and allegedly resulted in her acting up and subsequently being fired as Fresh and the then male dominated DJs conspired to get her fired. 

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