Correction: Nunu Mholo survived

We spoke too soon 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Nunu Mholo  | Drama

Correction: Nunu Mholo survived

Following her teary-eyed posts and dark captions, Malaika singer, Tshedi Mholo led her fans to believe that she had lost a loved one in the form of her pet hamster, Nunu. 

Many were confused by the videos of the singer which began doing the rounds on social media after she posted them on her Instagram feed. 

Upon discovering that she was so distraught about a pet hamster, the timeline went into overdrive with jokes about the situation. 

Tshedi then posted a picture of herself crying, with the caption, "the Vet never called.. I guess my hamster is deceased..😥😪 I loved her," thus leading us to believe that Nunu was no more... 

But it turns out that she survived and only needed to have her leg amputated. 

A tweep by the name of ‏ @Za_Maniac posted a hilarious response to the premature announcement of Nunu's death and we feel as though we should do the same. 

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