OkMalumKoolkat arrested for sexual assault

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Okmalumkoolkat  | Drama

OKMalumkoolKat has been arrested in Australia.

The rapper, who was in the country for a performance, has been sentenced to one month in jail after sexually assaulting another artist. 

According to Australia's Mecury newspaper, the rapper pleaded guilty to the charges. 

The publication reported that after a night out, the KoolKat returned to his hotel around 5:30am. He went to the victim's hotel room through a sliding door that was left slightly open. 

The victim reportedly found the South African rapper kissing her neck and rubbing his hands over her private parts. He apparently told her not to make a noise. 

He stopped after she told him to leave her room. 

His management has released a statement. 

Image credit: Instagram