Watch: Palesa Madisakwane addresses TV channel scam

This is so shocking and sad

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Palesa Madisakwane  | Drama


Ever so often, we read about stories of people getting scammed for jobs that do not exist. Job seekers have shared shocking stories about how they got scammed into either paying for an interview in order to get a job or leaving their previous jobs only to find out that the new job that they had applied for is non-existent.

This is a story that one media personality has come out to share with the rest of South Africa.

Former ANN7 anchor and actress - Palesa Madisakwane has released a video statement exposing a TV channel by the name of Vila Kasi TV.

In the video, Palesa speaks about how she was approached by the channel's Managing Director to come on board and host a talk show on Vila Kasi TV.

"I was called by a guy by the name of Shannon Merricks, he made me an offer to come and join him since he was opening up a new TV channel called Vila Kasi TV. Shannon Merricks introduced himself as a Managing Director of Vila Kasi TV, it was a good offer, I left my job at ANN7 to go and sign up as a TV talk show host."

She then went on to share the shocking story behind this channel and that she wants to clarify to the public that she wants nothing to do with Managing Director and the channel as a whole.

Watch below:

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@PalesaMad