Penny Penny sick and tired of being ridiculed

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Papa Penny  | Drama

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Clash of the Choir’s judge Penny Penny has been subjected to a lot of ridicule on social media since the Mzansi Magic show began.

The legendary Xitsonga singer became a victim of countless memes because of his hairstyle and rather interesting sense of style.

Some even mocked his English accent.

Penny Penny seems to be unfazed by all the social media noise, purely because he probably doesn’t own a social media account.

However, it was all fun and games until Papa Penny Penny allegedly threatened to assault his colleagues after finding out that there are certain Xitsonga artists who are creating music which insults him and other musicians.

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According to Sowetan Live, Penny Penny was fuming with anger at a fellow musician’s funeral and made it clear that he will not stand for nonsense.

“I’m going to beat the hell out of those artists who swear at me and insult me. I’m very old and can’t allow a young boy to come and call me by name,” Penny Penny said.

Penny Penny mentioned that he’s been in the industry for years and has never insulted anyone using vulgar language. He added that he finds the insults distasteful.

Penny Penny also pleaded with his supporters not to buy the music of those artists who tarnish the image of VaTsonga musicians, and that parents should ensure that their kids don’t play music that contains vulgar language and insults.

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