Pastor Lukau Under Fire

Funeral parlour sues the prophet

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Pastor Lukau  | Drama

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The internet for the past two days has been going crazy over the man who was supposedly resurrected by Alleluia International Ministries prophet - Alph Lukau. 

However, the church is now taking a U-turn on the issue and claims that the said resurrected man had already risen from the dead when the body arrived at the church premises.

Lukau’s church says that their prophet only completed a miracle which had already started before the man came to their church.

After the internet backlash towards Lukau, three Johannesburg funeral parlours that were used to send off the “resurrected man” have slapped the Man Of God with legal action.

The funeral parlours are claiming that they have been played by Prophet Lukau and his church, and participated in his staged drama unknowingly.

 According Sowetan Live Advocate Mafu who is representing  Kings and Queens, Black Phoenix and Kingdom Blue,   said the parlours were used in a swindle by Lukau and his church partners and this has caused great harm to the reputation of the funeral parlours.

Mafu said people linked to the church approached the parlours individually and bought a coffin to one parlour, stickers from another one and hiring the transport from another. 

"It is with regret that the outcome of such a plot has adversely affected our reputation as service providers."We have reported the matter at Jeppe police station for further investigation,"

Moreover, Lukau is following the footsteps of many popular prophets who have also performed questionable miracles. In Zimbabwe, one prophet Uerbert Angel performed miracle money, where one could come in church with empty pockets and after prayers from the prophet, their pockets would be filled with thousands of dollars.

Another Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa once performed a miracle baby which was conceived and born in three days, however, the child was said to have died.

Shepherd Bushiri sent out a video of him walking in the air, the video only showed his feet making steps in the air. Many however, criticised him and accused him of tampering with the video so that it appeared like it was real.

Furthermore, many wonder what is the common thing about these “men of God” that lead them to do these extremely unscrupulous miracles and we have found it, the Stefano Ricci belt.

All of these prophets wear one of the most expensive belt labels which is said to cost between R17,000 to R33,000.

Who knows maybe inside they wear French Hermes Woven under wears and besides their “children” will give them more “seed” on Sunday to buy more expensive accessories .

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