Pearl Thusi Slams Claims She Is Being Paid To Talk About Silicon Cups

She’s getting candid about menstruation

By  | Aug 18, 2020, 07:19 PM  | Pearl Thusi  | Drama

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South African actress, Pearl Thusi, spoke openly about her choice to use silicon cups when she is menstruating, in response to a fan who asked her if she prefers pads or tampons. She explained that it is the most comfortable choice for her, and proceeded to answer detailed questions about the silicon cup. 

One follower stated, “The process of inserting the cup is what scares me the most.”, to which she responded with, “They’re very soft. If you’ve had a tampon on or sexually active. It’s simpler than both those things. It’s much healthier for your vagina.” 

Whilst answering the questions, Pearl shared the link for the product she uses, and advised girls to try it out as she has had no issues with it. Tweeps immediately began accusing her of promoting an endorsement brand, and using their questions as a ploy to gain customers for the company. Pearl quickly clapped back with, “They’re a non-profit organization. I couldn’t take money from them. Ah damn! Now I’ll never get a menstrual what what endorsement! Always jumping into uninformed conclusions!”. 

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