Pearl Thusi Tells Her Side Of The Story

"I'm Actually So Confused"

By  | Sep 22, 2022, 02:34 PM  | Pearl Thusi  | Drama

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Pearl Thusi has set the record straight on what exactly transpired between her and DJ Zinhle. A viral video of the two supposed besties set tongues wagging as it seemed as though Zinhle was being a mean girl to Pearl. 

Taking to Twitter, DJ Zinhle let trolls know that she would not let their narrative go on any longer. 

"Hey guys. I need to clear things up. Pearl & I had a great time & on the video you saw, I was gesturing to Brandon, whom I was playing a set with, to come & select the song cause we were using his USBs," wrote Zinhle. 

She then added that Pearl was smiling so she clearly was not being mean to her. 

"Also. Why would Pearl smile when she walked away if I was being mean to her? Please stop vilifying me…STOP!" begged Zinhle. 

Zinhle said she felt the need to explain herself because she would not allow people to continue with their own narrative. 

"Also. Y’all keep saying I don’t need to explain myself so you can push the narrative that entertains you. I was never mean to Pearl.. not at all…" 

Pearl Thusi reacted to this by saying she was just making way for Brandon and Zinhle to do their thing on the decks. 

"I’m actually so confused. I thought it was obvious that you guys were busy and I just decided to get out of the way. How it got to this point baffles me. Wild. That time we had so much fun," tweeted Pearl.
For the longest time, Pearl and Zinhle were rumoured to be beefing. But Zinhle said in an interview ahead of the premier of Unexpected season 2, that she and Pearl are fine despite their differences. 

“Pearl and I are fine… we have an everlasting sisterhood. Much like every relationship has its ups and downs, we go through that as well. We are at a point in our lives where we don’t have to explain ourselves to people as long as we’re accountable to each other and our friendship,” Zinhle told SMag.

Before that, Pearl went on to clear the air on Twitter. "Guys - Zee and I are still very much friends. Can this nonsense stop now."

In the same interview, Zinhle spoke about how she would not let bullies get the last laugh on social media. 

"Firstly, people don’t think about how badly their comments can affect me, Kiernan, Bongani or even Nadia... It’s a conversation that’s happening in real-time and if people choose to ridicule how I am co-parenting and who I choose to embrace in my life as a bad thing, then we are going nowhere as black people.

"Instead of taking black people forward, we are holding them [back] for the sake of "black Twitter", which is predominantly about mocking people and sensationalism. Something as positive as two women having mutual respect should be seen as a good example and not expect bad intentions. They should see the value in getting along and not look out for how bad it is."

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