Thuso Mbedu In The Running For An Oscar

Just predictions, but still…

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After months of waiting in anticipation, it finally happened. The Woman King finally premiered in cinemas on Friday, 30 September 2022 officially. However, in the lead up to the official premiere, South Africans were spoilt as Thuso Mbedu and fellow co-star John Boyega came down to Africaa *think American accent* for the promotional run ahead of the premiere of the film.

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While fans enjoyed seeing the chemistry between the two co-stars, with the film already having premiered in the US, it seems that all the favourable reviews about The Woman King might just earn Mbedu her first Oscar nod, which would technically make her the second South African to have the honour of being nominated in a category outside of the International Best Film category. 

Thuso Mbedu and John Boyega

One of the privileges of having Thuso Mbedu and John Boyega visit South Ah for the promotional run for The Woman King is that fans got to see the chemistry between the two in real time. Ahead of their arrival, when Boyega announced that he was coming to the country, we were all getting ready to prepare our wedding attire

A fact which seemed all the more plausible through seeing their chemistry. Whether it was at the official premiere of The Woman King which was hosted in Johannesburg. The pictures of the two of them together shows that the two have a deep respect and maybe feelings… for each other. 
A fact which was reiterated by the chemistry during the official premiere of the film in Durban, KwaZulu Natal on the official availability of the film. The manner in which Mbedu cares and the manner in which Boyega holds Mbedu would suggest that the two might be feeling what we are all hoping they are feeling too. 
Thuso Mbedu in the running for an Oscar 

Outside of what might be a love story that started on the set of The Woman King. The film itself has been a numbers and money puller as one of the biggest blockbusters of the year so far and currently having earned almost the $50 million budget it took to make the film. 

But it is Mbedu who will seemingly have a lot more to celebrate in the months to come. This is as it is reported that she stands a strong chance to earn her first Oscar nomination. A fact which would only affirm her upward stardom trajectory in Hollywood. In the past two years, Mbedu has managed to lead a series which earned her an Emmy nod. Now, in her first international film debut as Nawi in The Woman King, she might earn a nomination as Best Supporting Actress.
Should this prediction came to fruition, it would make Thuso Mbedu only one of two South Africans to be nominated for an Oscar outside of the international film category which saw the likes of Terry Pheto, Presley Chwenegea and Leleti Khumalo being able to have an Oscar nomination and win under the belts. Mbedu would join only Charlise Theron, who has had the privilege of being nominated and winning an Oscar. 

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