Kelly And Zandie Khumalo Celebrate Zenala's Christening

From losing a friend, to regaining a sister

By  | Oct 01, 2022, 01:51 PM  | Relationships

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Kelly Khumalo is a name that is said with some sense of fear amongst men as she has been labelled South Africa’s own version of Black Widow. But following the latest season of Life with Kelly Khumalo that might just extend to her “friends” too. 

But it seems like Ms. Khumalo for every friend she loses, she is always ready with a backup. This time around it is the sister she had once had a divorce with Zandie Khumalo. As they have bonded again in recent months, Kelly now has access to her godson Zenala. 

Kelly Khumalo and losing friends

Life of a ZAlebs is never easy. One day, you are friends with someone and the next you can drag them for filth on your reality tv show. The first victim to experience this from Kelly Khumalo is former reality star co-star Brenda Mntambo. The two for the earlier seasons of her reality show were the friendship trio which were goals, along with Wanda Baloyi. 

However, as the new season of Life with Kelly Khumalo started, it was clear that that friendship had ended. Details on the reason were not shared with us, but Kelly and Wanda had the time of their lives speaking on how they are the last two remaining friends from their circle group. This is as they happened to also lose Thami Dish as a friend. 

But the season ended with Kelly and Wanda having their own tiff, which resulted in Kelly saying with her whole chest that Wanda can f*ck off, for all she cared about. To date, it is still unclear if this was just for the reality show or an actuality as the two have since been subbing one another on social media
Kelly and Zandie Khumalo celebrate Zenala's christening

But it seems as quickly as Wanda was left to handle her growing construction business in Mozambique and to figure out her singing career by herself. Kelly quickly mended a fence to replace the gap left by her former best friend. 

The last episode of the recent season of Life with Kelly Khumalo saw the reunion of her and sister Zandie Khumalo. The two had a falling out after it was reported that Zandie’s husband was fraudulently accepting bookings and the fees attached to it on behalf of Kelly. As a result of Kelly not showing up, the matter had the opportunity to ruin MaKhumalo’s reputation.

To prevent the storm, Kelly had released a statement distancing herself from her sister and her husband, suggesting that she is getting her lawyers involved. Zandie, on the other hand, released a statement of her own stating that she is officially divorcing herself from being Kelly’s sister.

It would take three years for the sisters to reconcile, and recently they were able to share their first milestone together since their fallout. This is as Zandie’s son and Kelly’s godson Zenala, was christened recently, Zandie shared an adorable picture of this family celebration.
While Kelly took to her Instagram to share that she was behind the cake. This is as the cake was made by Chef Zondi, a regular cameo appearance on the reality show, suggesting that if nothing else, Kelly made the referral for Zandie to get her cake done. 
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