Pearl Thusi Wants Big Zulu All To Herself

Mama Panther pulls a Bonang on Inkabi

By  | Mar 17, 2022, 01:57 PM  | Pearl Thusi  | Drama

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Big Zulu first posted a video of him and Bonang Matheba looking all cosy and even sparked dating rumours. Now that the spark has died down, he posted another video of him and Pearl Thusi but this time around, Pearl is catching smoke for trying to imitate Bonang.

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In true Pearl Thusi style, she knows just what to do to trend. Only this time she didn't. But, she knows the right buttons to push to get the people talking.

Big Zulu had another run-in with Pearl Thusi and the actress took it a bit further by jumping on top of him. In the video Pearl hugs Big Zulu and scolds him for not loving her anymore. He then flaunts his entire outfit which made Pearl mesmerized. Then, the two hold hands and so the video ends.

In his post, Big Zulu wrote, "Pearl Thusi says I do not love her anymore. How do I fix this Nkabi nation?? My Queen is crying."

Big Zulu is not new in this business of having women weak in their knees when they see him. Just recently, he had a waitress serve him his pizza while kneeling down. 

He praised the woman and wrote a short caption. He said when you approach a woman, you often go for looks but when it comes to marriage, marry someone who is respectful and carries themselves kindly. He then added that people's happiness depends on the respect they have.

While many women distanced themselves from ever doing such, actor Abdul Khoza said the woman is a Queen, "She is a QUEEN this one, we thank you beautiful Queen."

Another woman who got intrigued by Big Zulu is Bonang who actually trended for it. In a video Bonang shared on her social media, she and Big Zulu are seen holding hands, blushing and looking like they were having a serious conversation. Bonang said a Zulu man knows how to sweep a woman off her feet, and warned her followers to always stay vigilant.

After the rumour mill linked them together, Big Zulu denied dating Bonang, "Nkabi Nation, One love! We were just having an innocent conversation with Bonang. Nothing serious it's just two people getting to know each other that's all... Thank you my sister for the opportunity to talk to you and for being humble."

This Pearl and Bonang non-existent beef started when Pearl decided to be a "pick-me" to Euphonik who was accused of abusing Bonang. The DJ who know goes by the name of Themba, denied this even after Bonang came with receipts and called her 'Hlanyo.'

Pearl and Linda Moeketsi both made a video where they both called themselves Hlanyo. This did not sit well with people who then turned around and called Pearl a hater.

But there was a time where Pearl was in support of Bonang when it was alleged that she does not own House Of BNG.

Pearl said, "Celebrating a turbulent time in someone else’s life is proof of witchcraft. You are capable of murder. Don’t ever be happy when someone is suffering. It only exposes lack of empathy, self esteem and maturity."

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