Is Bonang Losing All Her Friends To Pearl Thusi?

People are calling Pearl a fake friend

By  | Nov 05, 2021, 01:00 PM  | Bonang Matheba  | Drama

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Mzansi peeps have made another interesting finding regarding the shady behaviour of Pearl Thusi. First we saw Pearl partying up a storm with Bonang's BFF Babalwa Mneno. Now, Pearl is apparently getting very close, almost inseparable with another one of B's friends, Toke Makinwa.

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We all have the freedom to be friends with whoever we desire right? But when all the new formed friendships are with people who have 'beef' with the same person you had/have beef with, that is very alarming.

This is what people think and are slamming Pearl Thusi for going after Bonang Matheba. As if calling yourself "hlanyo" was not painful enough.

If you may recall Bonang's alleged abuser Euphonik mocked Bonang and called her Hlanyo. One of those women who laughed at Bonang was Pearl Thusi. A video where she and Linda Moeketsi cheerleading for Euphonik and calling themselves Hlanyo, angered many social media users who wanted to cancel Pearl.

Not only that, but Pearl Thusi became BFF's with a woman Bonang does not get a long with - DJ Zinhle. Their beef involved Zinhle's baby daddy, AKA.

Now Pearl is seen partying with another one of B's friends at it leaves a very bitter taste in people's mouths:

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tracyzeenhle : "I’m sure people are allowed to be friends with whoever without beefing with anyone else."

adaora_t : "A friend of my enemy is not my friend. You are allowed to be friends with whoever you want to be friends with BUT being friends with someone who made my life difficult or had a major falling out with me… says a lot about you. There’s no way you can tell me out of ALL the people in Sata fArika, you flew hours from Nigeria and could only find my enemy to befriend? Otherwise… to each it’s own."

yandamagic_ : "Toke and Bonang had a falling out a while ago. It's been a minute actually, they are no longer friends."

taraboheater : "So Toke can’t have South African friends? Toke doesn’t belong to bonang."

nikki_154 : "Pearl wants to be friends with B shem, she forcing friendships with those around B. She needs to grow up."

noh_nxumalo : "Ayi Bonang is not the center of the universe bakithi people can be friends with whoever."

But Pearl might not have anything sinister planned as she defended Bonang publicly during the House Of BNG saga. Bonang shut down Twitter when she announced that she would be parting ways with her management company, Celebrity Services Africa (CSA) Global.

Reasons were not given but during an interview with The Sunday Times, Bonang made another revelation that they went behind her back to negotiate a deal with Vino Ventures. That deal saw Bonang allegedly ousted as BNG shareholder.

Yes as expected a lot people made fun of Bonang but Pearl defended her and said, "Celebrating a turbulent time in someone else’s life is proof of witchcraft. You are capable of murder. Don’t ever be happy when someone is suffering. It only exposes lack of empathy, self esteem and maturity."

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