Petronella On Being A Single Mother Of Two

She believes she is used goods

By  | Jul 08, 2021, 11:38 AM  | Petronella Tshuma  | Drama

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Rhythm City actress Petronella Tshuma has penned an emotional message on Instagram detailing how she feels worthless now that she is a single mother of two boys. The actress spoke about how she and the father of her second child broke up, leaving her to be single and mothering 2 boys from two different fathers.

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A break is sometimes a painful experience, one can only imagine how it is like if there are children involved. For Petronella, it did not work out with the father of her first child who is 12-years-old, so she thought things would be different with Camagu, her second born, however it ended in tears.

She posted a quote which encourages mothers to heal for the sake of their children. She then reflected on the year that was where she broke down to the point where she needed to see a therapist and her family at Rhythm City helped her.

She then proceeded to ask a few questions which many people have associated with mother's who have different baby daddies. Referring to herself as used goods, Petronella said her lobola price has lowered because of this. Yikes!

"Here's the thing; To sum up it within a year? Okay. Nearly a year ago Camagu's dad and I split up. Was that ever the plan? Of course not. So here I am mother to two beautiful boys both with different fathers. Who would ever want to be with me again? I'm used goods? I must have been the problem right? My Lobola price will probably cost pocket change,"
she started off.

When it was announced that Rhythm City got canned, Petronella said she started thinking of her children and how she would provide for them now that she would be out of work.

"I had such a breakdown at work, I could not act. Lines would not stick. But here I am, single mum with two kids that I need to provide for. Rhythm City my absolutely amazing family were understanding. Gave me time and the greatest support. Offered and would pay for therapy. I didn't go. Because I then got news the show was being canceled. I remember saying to my Cast members "how will I look after my children?"

Petronella thinks of herself as being the world to her children and we cannot think of a reason why she wouldn't be.

"My children are the only people on this earth that have witnessed all my Colours. The good and the bad. The beautiful and the ugly. And yet, for some reason I am the world and more to them. Being a Mother is the best gift I could have ever been blessed with. And with such comes great responsibility," she continued her post.

Petronella then took it back to when she was a 21-year-old aspiring actress who auditioned with the greats, "This year I celebrate 10 years as a professional Actor. In 2011, I was 21 years old, I auditioned for Class Act in front of Rapulana Seiphemo, James Ncobo and Moonyeenn Lee; Moon asked me "what else are you good at?" I responded and said "All I'm good at, is being a mum."

Petronella, then added a few words of wisdom and shared a book mothers have to read, "And in the midst of it all; I'm continuously finding myself. That beautiful little girl I didn't know existed. I filled everyone else's cups including the characters I would play and have nothing left to give myself. Self work is not for the fainted hearted. It's gritty but rewarding."

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