Tbo Touch And Peace Maphalu's "Non Payment" Dispute Resolved

The parties have reached an amicable solution to their dispute

By  | Dec 08, 2022, 03:17 PM  | Drama

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Metro FM DJ and businessman Tbo Touch and influencer Peace Maphalu, have reached an amicable solution to their dispute over an alleged non-payment. This follows after Peace took to social media yesterday, to vent his frustrations over money owed to him.

In a social media storm, Peace called out the Metro DJ and his company Touch HD, for allegedly exploiting him.

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According to the young businessman who owns OM House, he was contracted to work with Tbo Touch eight weeks ago, for The Replenishment Concert that Tbo Touch hosted. The event was a huge success but, it raised eyebrows that there were unpaid invoices involving it.

He unleashed a now-deleted fiery thread where he claimed he had not received some of his money after providing his services to the event.

According to Peace, In August, he was paid 50% of his invoice and the remaining amount had not been settled ever since. After numerous attempts, he was unable to get the owed amount as Tbo Touch's team was apparently not taking his calls and replying back to his emails.

"I need to understand how do you @iamtbotouch as a black brother expect my company to grow and have the potential of being as big as yours if I have to beg you and your stuff to pay me?? It's been 8weeks since #TheReplenishmentConcert happened" wrote Peace.

"I did the job because I thought everyone was busy. I have worked in so many productions. I know how crazy it gets. TouchHD paid a huge amount of deposit and now I see that the communication is getting worse and worse" wrote Peace

To add salt to the wound, Peace also tagged all partners who sponsored and worked with Tbo Touch. To add salt to the wound, Peace also tagged all partners who sponsored and worked with Tbo Touch.

Following Peace's jaw-dropping revelations. Tbo Touch lawyered up against him. In a statement shared by entertainment blogger Phil Mphela, Tbo Touch refuted the allegations and labeled them "vexatious, misplaced, spurious, and untrue."

Peace was instructed to delete his thread, by the Metro FM's host legal team. The lawyer's letter says the defamatory statement "are deliberately meant to impugn the integrity and good name of our clients by suggesting that, alternatingly implying that Tbo Touch and TouchHD is stealing money by not paying his/its service providers.

Mr. Molefe aka Tbo Touch and Touch HD conducts himself/itself in an unprofessional manner or that they hire incompetent people who do not know their work."

The letter also states "We are further instructed that you were mandated by a third party known as Tshiamo Letshwene in order to conduct social media coverage for our client for the concert. You conducted work in August 2022 for our client, and such work was paid for in the amount of R14 000. Thereafter from September 2022, another service provider Ritevac Agency was brought on board  in order to conduct the social media coverage as our client was dissatisfied with the work conducted by Tshiamo and in turn, yourself"

Peace later released a statement where he said they have reached an amicable solution to their dispute.

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