Is Phat Joe Getting Suspended?

His homophobic comments may land him in trouble

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Phat Joe  | Drama

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Remember that episode of Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored wherein Zodwa can be seen saying some very homophobic and transphobic statements? The pop culture phenomenon now has thousands of people advocating for her show to be cancelled after days of the heated debate over gay rights in SA across social media. But it's not ending there.

Zodwa's comments may have opened up a can of worms as it has now opened up the conversation over LGBTQ+ rights and representation to everyone! As such, all the big tv channels and radio stations were sure to cover he trending topic - including Phat Joe on his new Radio2000 morning show, #PhatJoeAndTheFamily.

The veteran TV and radio host chose to weigh in on Zodwa's homophobic comments yesterday morning during his show slot. Phat Joe did not mince his words when sharing his opinion on how the LGBTQ+ community has chosen to react to the dancer's statements.

"I don't understand why they (gays) can't accept that it's difficult for most people to accept their lifestyle." shared Phat Joe. He also went on to say that he has been nothing short of "disgusted" in the past when being "hit on" by a Gay man. Phat Joe also made comments that verge on transphobic when he added that it is "disgusting"when gay men are "flamboyant like women".

Radio2000 is known as a Talk radio station where people share their opinions all the time - regardless of how problematic. Maybe Phat Joe thought it was a safe space but many of his millions of listeners were completely outraged!

Fast forward to this morning when listeners tuned in to no Phat Joe on their airwaves. Although he isn't on the show every single day, many listeners believe that this time it has to do with his outburst.

Radio2000 has yet to put out a formal statement regarding how they will handle the matter - but if DJ Fresh can get Suspended for saying "Msunery" then Phat Joe isn't out of the woods on this one yet.

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