"Celebrities Lie. A Lot." - Phil Mphela Defends Himself

He has been accused of trying to ruin careers

By  | Mar 01, 2022, 12:02 PM  | Phil Mphela  | Drama

Phil Mphela
Phil Mphela often breaks the news on important changes in the film industry, which also puts him in the cross hairs of the celebs he writes about. Now, after he found himself under attack for allegedly trying to ruin careers, he has come out to defend himself. 
The entertainment commentator recently broke news on Twitter that Brenda Ngxoli had quit The Queen Mzansi. He cited pay disputes as the reason for her exit, saying that she was not getting fair treatment from The Fergusons. 

Brenda came out and denied any such disputes. She said she had gotten nothing but great treatment from the Fergusons, and singled out Connie in particular. 
Phil also said that Vuyo Ngcukana had been fired from the show, allegedly because he lied about being sick, while he went off to film a whole other show. 

Vuyo clapped back and said it was all a lie. This opened up a very dramatic back and forth between Phil and Vuyo, and fans joined in to pick sides. They bashed Phil for spreading malicious rumours, and he was told that he needs to rest or find another thing to do, other than ruining other celebrities' reputation.
Lesedi Matsunyane, the casting director of Ferguson Films, also shared saying that Phil has always had a personal vendetta against her and the company in general. 

Phil has clapped back saying that it's ridiculous that his reputation and honesty are now being questioned just because a few celebs have called him a liar. He says celebrities lie a lot. 
Some of his fans have asked him to stop speaking about the saga, since the celebs are intent on discrediting him. They think he should not have to defend his credibility, since he has never led us astray so far. 
He responded saying that his credibility is his main currency, and is the only reason people believe his reports. If he is to lose that, he might as well lose his career, which was a very valid point. He is right, he has not given us false information yet. 
But others insisted on trolling him. Phil, being himself, has quickly moved to curse out and block those who had negatives for him. Once again, this has gotten him called soft and overly emotional. But this should come as no surprise – Phil is very intent on protecting his personal space. 
It’s ironic that he would call celebrities liars, when many people consider him a celebrity too. But the others are yet to respond to being called liars. 

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