Vuyo Ngcukana Denies Being Fired From The Queen

The Queen is reportedly cancelled and the cast knows nothing about this

By  | Feb 28, 2022, 03:45 PM  | Vuyo Mse Ngcukana  | Drama

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Things are messy all over the timeline today after entertainment reporter Phil Mphela claimed to have received some information on one of Mzansi's biggest telenovela's The Queen.

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Phil Mphela claimed that Vuyo Ngcukana who plays the character Schumacher has been axed from the show because he allegedly broke contractual obligations.

Vuyo then hit back and said he has NOT been fired and the report from Phil was an attack to him and his professional reputation.

"This has been an attack on my professional reputation which has caused my family, loved ones and business associates stress, at the very least I’m disappointed but not surprised, I have NOT been fired from The Queen Mzansi."

Phil also reported that Brenda has dumped the telenovela due to salary disputes, but she too slammed those reports and called them lies. She went on to defend Connie Ferguson and said she always treated her well and paid her what's due to her.

Phil maintained his stance on the matter and even alleged that Vuyo lied about being sick because he wanted to shoot another show.

"The actor was fired because he lied about being sick when he was actually shooting another show. I knew that info but kept it private and post “contractual obligation”. How did reporting casting news become a hit on someone’s family? Haibo!"

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Vuyo once again hit back, "That report was deliberate and malicious, please believe THAT, it is not the first time nor will it be the last, I hold myself to a very high standard with work and I have never compromised that, I appreciate the love since that post, please keep enjoying the work and God bless."

He and Lesedi Matsunyane Ferguson said Phil has always had a personal vendetta against them.

But still, Phil did not fold, so he dropped an even bogger bomb and said the entire telenovela has been cancelled. Yes, The Queen Mzansi has allegedly been cancelled, and according to Phil, the Ferguson Films production has not been renewed for another season. This after spending 7 years on air, on Mzansi Magic.

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Lesedi who is the casting director and assistant production manager slammed Phil for "tarnishing" the productions reputation.

In a series of tweets, she said Phil should not believe anything and everything he is told. She also told him that he has been reporting false news since January 2020 and that she has lost respect for Phil.

Brenda Ngxoli also defended Connie Ferguson when she started getting dragged for reasons involved salaries and contracts. She said she knows nothing about salary issues and that Connie pays her well, "So now you are telling me What I did a month ago Mpela and yet mna I know nothing ngalento uyithethayo (about what you just said.) #HandsOffFergusonFilms...yiza nazo! (come with it) What else did I do that I have no idea of. Check your Sources. I love ❤ @Connie_Ferguson @FegusonFilms for the opportunity and love," she said.

But she did not stop there, she also slammed Phil and called his reporting "whack." She said she always spoke about how well The Fergusons have been treating her when it comes to salary payments, "I've repeatedly lamented how well @Connie_Ferguson and Ferguson Films pay and treat me."

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