OMG! Comedian robbed at gun point!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Phillip Ganja  | Drama

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Ugandan comedian Philip Ganja recently went through a harrowing ordeal when a group of armed gunmen kidnapped him and his brother.

Ganja, whose real name is Mutebi Norman, was robbed of R30 000, which he had to personally draw from his bank account.

According to The Star, Ganja and his brother were hijacked in their driveway, after spending the morning running some errands.

Upon their arrival back home, a white bakkie stopped behind them, blocking them in the driveway. Soon after, two gunmen pulled them from the car and forced them into the other car, while another drove Ganja's BMW.

The panicked comedian and his brother were then taken to a house in Alexandra, where the robbers gave Ganja some shoes and water, so that he would be able to pull off the stunt they had planned.

"They told me 'How are you going to sign in the bank when you are scared?'," said the comedian.

"They told me 'If you think you are clever, we are going to shoot (your brother)'."

Ganja further said the robbers were clearly planning to celebrate their winnings, as they phoned their girlfriend to let them know that they stole some groceries, and apparently even stopped to buy some condoms.

The robbers drove him to the Balfour Park shopping centre, after failing to draw such a big amount at a different bank, and Ganja managed to draw R25 000.

Finally satisfied, the thieves dropped him, his brother, and the car in a random side street some six hours later.

While still living in Uganda, Ganja was part of a drama group called the Bakayimbira Dramactors. In South Africa, he's made an appearance on the Late Night News with Loyiso Gola, and is also the writer and director of comedy drama series 'The Bachelors'.

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