Faith Nketsi's Snap Back Causes A Stir

Did she undergo surgery?

By  | Nov 29, 2022, 04:19 PM  | Faith Nketsi  | Drama

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New Mommy Faith Nketsi is back to partying and living her best life, just 4 months after giving birth. She has been sharing her journey thus far, giving fans a glimpse of how she lost her pregnancy weight in a short space of time. 

Faith Nketsi and her husband Nzuzo Njilo welcomed their daughter Sky Njilo almost 4 months back. Just 4 days after giving birth, Faith had already been working on losing weight. Faith had gushed about looking good right after giving birth, describing it as the best feeling in the world. 
“Having a baby and still looking good has to be the best feeling in the world. It feels like I have the best of both worlds,” she tweeted.
When she shared her progress, people assumed she had undergone surgery which is the new trend. 

“But how are some people saying I did surgery. At what time? Even while taking you guys through my entire journey. Weeehh, lazy people always have something to say. Bleh,” she tweeted. 
Faith has been sharing a whole lot of her family affairs since being a wife. There was some drama involving her nanny which she wrote about in detail all over the timeline. Faith Nketsi claims her daughter's former nanny did not respect her but obeyed her husband, Nzuzo Njilo's instructions. 

She admitted that they did not screen her when hiring her, which was their first mistake. There were also times where she would be disrespectful to Faith but not her husband Nzuzo. 
"GUYS! Sizani. (Help). Uaunty is great at what she does ne. But for some reason, I get a weird vibe when I ask her to assist me, but I thought I won’t address it because it could just be in my head. Before I carry on,she was referred to us by a family member's aunt. "
"Now when Ubaba asks her to do something she does it with such optimism but when I ask her, she drags her feet and literally looks like she could say no. She even goes as far as complaining about her knees and expresses how she’s so terrified of the stairs. 
"I come downstairs and find her crying literal tears as she’s explaining to my husband what happened (my husband was upstairs looking for my glue at the time this whole thing happened). Husband is so confused at this point but I didn’t have time to talk. I came back and me and Aunty are beefing in my house! She’s not talking to me I’m not talking to her. She even sitting on the other side of the house. Husband gets home and we spoke, he tells me that she told him her version of what happened, leaving out the fact that I gave her a top and asked her to look for the exact top. She then went to tell him that she’s shocked at how I spoke to her like she’s a slave and she’s just here to help (siya bambisana) the for she doesn’t understand where the disrespect comes from and she has kids my age. "

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