Rapper Priddy Ugly Gets Dragged

All he did was add his 2 cents and his whole career was questioned

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Priddy Ugly  | Drama

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The debate that was started by AKA on female rappers igniting beef to get their careers to blow up is on-going. Many rappers added their thoughts and the internet was divided.

However, when Priddy Ugly added his two-cents to the debate and directed his tweets to AKA, he was dragged and many reminded him of how little they know about his music.

To refresh your memory, Rouge stated that she is the best rapper and AKA suggested that women should drop the act and stop pretending to be friends. Supa Mega reckons they should rather start up a rivalry which will reveal who is the best and eventually their careers will blow up.

Priddy, along with many other male rappers, disagreed with AKA's statement.

In a civil exchange between the two rappers, AKA responded and said beefing is the beauty of Hip/Hop and as rappers, they are honored immensely when there are rivalries.

In response, Priddy referenced AKA and Youngsta CPT  as colored rappers who are instilling pride through their music - no beef and they are winning.  He further pushed his point by saying women are nurturers by nature and their strength is unmatched.

Controversial musician Ntsiki Mazwai also added her two cents by agreeing with Priddy, claiming that artists do not need cheap stunts to sell their music... the irony.

As much as the Bonita rapper was speaking sense, the reception was not one he expected. He was dragged by many with some even going in on his music

Tweeps who are opposed to bullying defended the rapper.

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