Cassper And Kaybee Compare Manhood Sizes

Kaybee thinks Cassper has a tiny one

By  | Jan 27, 2022, 12:56 PM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

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It is no secret that Cassper Nyovest and Prince Kaybee don't like each other. They have been beefing for quite some time and now it has reached ridiculous lengths; pardon the pun.
Cassper has been baying for the music producer’s blood for a long time. He has challenged him to a boxing match multiple times, but Kaybee has never responded. In fact it has been so long that we began to think that Kaybee was above it all. But as it turns out he too can play petty, and it's sending us howling in stitches. 

Cass recently shared a video of himself jogging with two guys. It was a moment to inspire others to keep fit and to further threaten Naak Musiq ahead of their match set to take place in April. But a fan took a screenshot of Cassper in the video and reposted it on their social media.

Considering how much beef they have we can only guess that Cassper and Kaybee have blocked each other on social media. Which is probably why the only avenue available for Kaybee to shade the rapper was the fan's comments section. 

He commented “For someone that keeps on talking about marete this is shocking 😂”. Of course the comment immediately caught the attention of fans from both sides of the divide. A screenshot of the comment went viral on social media as Cass was shaded. 
Now Cass has responded, calling Kaybee a b*tch with no b*lls. He has doubled down on his invitation to fight, but he is sure that there is no way in hell that the producer would ever accept the challenge, because he simply cannot man up. 
Tweeps are excited as they chill in the comments to watch the violence, and some have decided to fan the flames even more.

As one said to Cassper “But he already showed everyone his pair and bathi its bigger than yours.” This was a major throwback to last year when Prince Kaybee’s former side chic, in a moment of angry vengeance, posted a nude photo of him that left nothing to the imagination. 
Kaybee has in the past spoken about how badly the leaked nude affected his life. He said it affected his public image severely, and brands have been hesitant to work with him since. But he is trying to get his life back, and the first step is the big things he has promised to deliver in 2022, starting with dropping a song every month. 

We have to say, this is one of the weirder Twars we have witnessed in Mzansi. That the two of them would resort to comparing manhood sizes instead of working out their issues in a more mature way is odd but also hilarious. But for now, we will just sit back and enjoy the violence. 
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