Prince Kaybee Receives Warm Welcome From Fans

He took a break...but he is back!

By  | Apr 01, 2022, 12:08 PM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

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Prince Kaybee has been one of the celebrities in South Africa to take a break from Twitter and live a peaceful life. His hiatus from Twitter went on for weeks but he has since returned and his fans gave him a warm welcome.

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The international award winning DJ sent out a 'proof of life' to his fans and it was a selfie of his dapper looking self. The comments are filled with followers who are excited for his return.

Prince Kaybee has always been a person who was active on Twitter, as those who had his notifications on would receive his tweets on a regular basis. But since his going MIA, it was dead silent.

On February 13, he told his followers that the journey was fine, but he will dip.

He was not MIA on social media as a whole, as his Instagram page has been active ever since. He told fans on IG that if they do not hear from him, it's because he has taken some time off to be with his family, "Our days are numbered, if you don’t hear from me lately know that I’m with my family, there’s limited time."

Prince and his son have been serving heat for the longest time on his Instagram. Even though he has never showed his face as yet, like most parents do, to protect their young.

Prince once shared how his other son, his first born Katleho only contacts him whenever he wants money from him. Katleho lives with his grandmother, Prince Kaybee's mother, in the Freestate. Katleho visits his father only when it's the school holidays. According to Prince, he has been a single father since he was only 19-years-old. He had broken up with Katleho's mother when he was only a year old.

He also posted him on his Instagram page a few weeks ago.

Back in 2018, Katleho's mother accused him of being a deadbeat father and said Kaybee was not spending time with his son when he was born.

When he won an award he dedicated it to being a good father, “I wanna take this ‘Best Male’ award beyond my music. I wanna be a best male in my life. I take full responsibility for not handling the papgeld matter correctly which led to the baby mama going public and everything went South,” he shared.

“I have since fixed matters with the mother of my child, we now have a healthy co-parenting relationship and all parties are at peace. This is not something I expect to be congratulated for. But since I won Best Male for my music I would like to expand the meaning.”

Welcome back Prince! 

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