Prince Kaybee's Cryptic Goodbye Tweet Leaves Fans Concerned

What happened?

By  | Feb 13, 2022, 08:40 AM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

Prince Kaybee
Prince Kaybee has had a rocky relationship with Mzansi social media. But now he has posted a cryptic message that leaves his fans concerned about his well-being. 

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The DJ recently took to Twitter to say goodbye. He said he'd had a lot of fun on the platform, but he would be leaving. He didn't say whether he would be gone for long or only briefly, which has left his fans worried. 
Now tweeps want to know what happened to make him quit the platform. They also want to know where he would be moving to, as the news is heartbreaking, and the best case scenario is that they follow him to whichever other platform he is exchanging Twitter for. He has also been advised to just take a break and get his head straight then return, rather than quitting altogether. 

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However, we know trolls will always find a chance to make light of a situation. Some social media users have warned him against leaving the site, as it is the only place he is still relevant. They think they will forget him as soon as he stops being active on Twitter, supposedly because he doesn't make hit music anymore. Ouch! 
It is surprising that he would choose to leave the platform now, just when he seems to be getting to the good side of it. He recently posted a TikTok-style video of himself pretending to do drugs. In the first half, he had us all pretty good, and his fans had even started typing out their lectures to warn him against the dangers of doing cocaine. 

Then he pulled the ultimate bamboozle, and it turned out he was just seasoning some braai. Admittedly, it was a great video. Maybe if this whole deejaying thing does not work out, he may consider going into acting. 
However, it is also understandable that he would feel like he is exhausted by the platform and should be done with it. His online interactions have not really been the same since his nudes were leaked, and he was turned into a laughing stock. 

He has complained before that the incident completely changed his life and even caused brands to cancel their partnerships with him. In fact, the whole thing made 2021 a rather terrible year for him. 
But in 2022, Prince Kaybee is determined to turn over a new leaf. He promised to release one song every month, and he already delivered in January. We hope this is the year that things get good again, and if that means leaving Twitter to focus on his career and being a father, we support it whole heartedly. 
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