Proverb opens up about the infidelity in his marriage

 Proverb opens up about that trying time in his life.

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Proverb opens up the infidelity in his marriage

In an interview on Power.FM, Proverb shares his experiences during the infedility that occured within his marriage.

In August 2015, Idols SA host, Proverb shocked many when he confirmed on social media that his then wife of 10-years, Onalerona, had cheated on him. 

After deleting the tweets, Proverb pleaded with the public to spare his wife. 

After the revelation, Proverb did not speak on the infidelity until now.

Fast forward to 2016 during an interview with Masechaba Ndlovu on Power FM's - Power Life. Proverb explained to Masechaba that he had no choice but to keep his head up and to stop being selfish.

Proverb opens up the infidelity in his marriage

"In the middle of the darkness, it's pretty hard and it's pretty lonesome and it's cold. But with the faith that the other side is brighter, is better, I think that's ultimately what fuels you to keep going. Also, I had to stop being selfish because at the time I was all about me, the victim, me, me, me..but when I stepped off of that and realised that I have my children, my family, my career it almost stopped being about me."

Proverb also mentioned that the infidelity made him feel inadequate as a man.

"It's the feelings of inadequacy, the feelings of failure, the feelings of just not being enough but since then, I have come to introspect. I know myself better, I know my worth better, I know my value better, I love myself like never before and quite frankly in some twisted way I feel like I may not have had some of these revelations had it not happened."

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The rapper also shared that he realised he could no longer stay in the marriage when he came to the realization that he was doing a disservice to himself and to his children. The media personality went on to confirm that the decision to file for divorce was a joint decision between him and Onalerona. 

His ex-wife recently shared an Instagram post about the difficulties of going through a divorce.Onalerona

Proverb ended the conversation by explaining that he is not defined by that particular time in his life.

"I refused to be defined by that situation....what defines me is what I do now and now my focus is on being a phenomenal dad. My focus is killing it with every single thing that I do and in the process trying to inspire as many people as I can."

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