Pulane Lenkoe reveals how she almost got abducted

The socialite shares her experience of nearly being abducted.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Pulane Lenkoe  | Drama


The terrifying kidnappings of young girls and women lately has shaken the country to its core and whilst some women and girls are found alive and unharmed, we've unfortunately learned of those who were found brutally murdured 

Another woman who nearly became a victim of such a brutal crime is socialite, Pulane Lenkhoe who shared her dreadful experience on Twitter last night.

In a series of tweets, Pulane pleaded with women, to be extra careful especially when at the mall as she was nearly abducted at Eastgate Mall recently.

Pulane became suspicious of a group of men who were following her but hardly purchased anything in every store she entered.

Her story became even more serious when she explained how one of the men eventually approached her and insisted on paying for the items she was fitting at a store.

Even though Pulane insisted that she did not need anything from the man, he persisted in offering to purchase an item for her.

Things became even weirder when the man requested to take Pulane out for lunch, she then became even more suspicious when the stranger offered her a business deal worth millions.

As she became even more terrified at the man's strange gestures Pulane then decided to call on the assistance of a security guard.

Thankfully, with the assistance of the security guards, Pulane was left unharmed.

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@Lyanah_Lenkoe