Rachel Kolisi Is Fed Up!

Siya's DMs are causing way too much drama

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Rachel Kolisi  | Drama

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The wife of the captain of Springbok team, Siya Kolisi, has found herself in a sticky situation with a woman hitting on her husband.

Rachel took to social media to seek help from her Instagram followers to find an Instagrammer who had DM’ed her husband raunchy images of her butt. The girl known to Twitter as “Marike” had apparently blocked the angry Rachel and changed her handle.


The mother went on to share how she will no longer stand back and do nothing.

“I am so angry, I just wanted to finish off this situation by saying this; that the days of women having to take sh*t and deal with sh*t and do nothing about it are over," she shared.


Twitter users had a lot to say, with many advising Rachel to raise her suspicions with Siya rather than dragging other women.

“So, in her suspicion that her husband might be having an unpleasant interaction with another woman Siya Kolisi's wife Rachel decides to drag the woman in the mud leaving him untouched ...The kind of women we are truly defeats imagination sometimes,” shared @AneleMda.


“The way Rachel Kolisi conducts herself is very very embarrassing. Chasing down a woman who has blocked her, publicizing her private photo to slut shame her & also exposing her place of work. Sis is doing a lot.”


The backlash has caused Rachel to delete her Instagram account. 

This however is not the first time the Kolisi home has been shaken by another woman. In 2018 she called out a fan for calling Siya her “type”.

“Siya is not ‘a type’. He’s a married man responsible for four children. Just a side note. I’ve been there for all the good times. But I’ve also been there for ALL the bad times. Honestly this should go without saying. Respect my relationship and woman to woman. Respect me.”

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