Riky's Mabala Noise contract is currently still in place

This break up is getting messier by the second!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Rikhado "Riky Rick" Makhado  | Drama

Riky's Mabala Noise contract is currently still in place

Earlier today, rapper Riky Rick confirmed that he had left Mabala Noise entertainment, a record label he joined back in June 2016 and that they had taken back the "things" that they gave him. 

Said things are believed to be a brand new Mercedes Benz and a reported R12, 000,000.00 advance but according to Mabala Noise, this is not true. 

Speaking to Sowetan Live's Emmanuel Tjiya,

 Mabala Noise’s Head of Communication, Mhlo Gumede said “I don’t know what Riky Rick is saying on social media, that’s his own thing.  We have a long standing contract with Riky Rick still in place. He is still very much part of Mabala Noise.”

Mhlo Gumede

Gumede went on to add that there has not been a sit down between the parties concerned to discuss Riky's departure so the contract remains in place. 

We don't see how the two would want to work together after this but we hope it doesn't get ugly for Riky.

Not so long ago, Mabala boss Reggie Nkabinde, tweeted then deleted a post which can be seen as a subliminal shot at Riky. A screenshot of the tweet was then shared on Instagram by Gumede with a caption about him not understanding people who walk in and out of contracts. Yikes!

Mabala boss Reggie insults Riky

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