Rosie Motene exposes the exposure model

All she wants is some respect...

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Rosie Motene  | Drama

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Rosie Motene exposes the exposure model

Rosie Motene’s latest addition to her YouTube channel focuses on how production houses and corporates continue to try and get away with paying creative professionals with exposure after she was recently offered the same deal for participating in an upcoming production.

“So… let’s just be blunt about it, artists are workers. We have a craft, we have a talent, therefore, with that craftm we offer a specific service,” she began. 

As such, she feels that the exposure model is no longer a viable way of getting people on board to work with you.

“A few weeks ago I got a very interesting mail from a production house with offices all over the continent, who have been mandated by SABC. In fact they were commissioned by SABC therefore its a project and money was given and they were going to make a profit from it. And the request came through for me to get involved in the project…" she explained. 

Before adding "it would be a full day shoot, where I would have to enact a scene, I would also have to write a script because as part of the scene, I would have to get research from my own personal experience and personal experience in terms of bring brought up in a white jewish home… which they needed to then integrate into their story line and then needed for a full day shoot. When I gave my global rate, for acting, for my appearance and for writing the script and of course for using my personal story, I was then told that they thought I would do it for no charge…”

She then reached out to the SABC to confirm the production house’s claims that there was no budget and the SABC denied this, stating that they had allocated the production house funds for talent.

She requested that production houses and corporations respect artists’ skills and pay them accordingly.

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