Salamina Mosese opens up about depression

She's been through a lot but still standing strong.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Salamina Mosese  | Drama

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As a mother and wife Salamina Mosese can share a lot of experiences that could've broken her down, but because of the woman she is, she's braved the storm countless of times.

In 2013 the actress now turned producer opened up about experiencing a stroke before the age of 30. Life hit her hard the second time around when she found out that her husband - Howza was diabetic. But with love and support for each other, the two have managed to fight against all odds.

Salamina and Howza Mosese

Salamina also recently opened up about her battle with fighting depression and how she's managed to live with the condition.

Speaking to Tshisa Live the mother of one explained that she's learned her triggers and how to manage them in order for her not to fall into a deeper state of depression.

"My depression has been both chemical and emotional, and on and off, I have also dealt with anxiety...but I know my triggers now, I can feel myself drawing in, and over the years I know how to mitigate against it lasting too long."


Salamina shared that she continues to go for consultations whenever she feels she need to.

One aspect of adult-hood that can also drive one into depression is issues like finances.

In a past interview with I Do magazine Salamina once shared that she and her husband have grown to learn how to treat each other whenever they face finance issues within their marriage.

"Money has been a difficult issue in our marriage in the past. There have been times when we were both out of work, or when one of us didn't have money. It is the nature of our industry. We had to learn to be gentle with each other, and to keep reminding ourselves that we didn't get married because of money, but to make a life together.

"It is important to me as Tshepo's wife, to make him comfortable during periods when he isn't working, and to be mature enough to manage my expectations of him." Said Salamina

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