5 Times Tweeps Dragged Sarah Langa

You know you made it in life when you have some serious haters!

By  | Sep 10, 2020, 12:40 PM  | Sarah Langa  | Drama

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Sarah Langa has it all; looks to die for, a life of luxury and a successful career as an influencer

She's also got plenty of haters too!

The beauty blogger has faced her fair share of fan criticism. 

Take a look at a few times Sarah Langa got dragged over her social media posts...

Fake tears

Sarah tried, unsuccessfully, to add her voice to the dialogue of celebs speaking out against femicide in South Africa. But instead of making it about femicide, Sarah posted a pic (a glam one at that) of herself with cartoon-ish tears streaming down her face.

Needless to say she was dragged for her insensitivity.

Beach bum

Sarah's attempt at a belfie (a selfie of your butt) didn't go according to plan.

Fans threw massive shade by accusing her of editing her pics by adding some junk in her trunk.

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One follower wrote;  "Sarah uneshishwapha in real life. Quit playing," whilst another added: "The photoshop is on point".

Some even accused her of having butt implants!

Triggering the Beyhive

Errr'body know not to mess with Beyonce, but it looks like Sarah missed that memo!

Sarah said the unthinkable when she compared Ayanda Thabethe to Beyonce, even claiming the the SA star was much prettier than the global superstar!

Sarah was stung mercilessly by the Beyhive in a move we all saw coming!

Explaining that Beyonce tweet

Sarah claimed her controversial 'Ayanda Thabethe is prettier than Beyonce' tweet was just a social experiment.

But tweeps weren't believing it and accused her of everything, from being unprofessional to just plain foolish!

For having it all!

Whilst Sarah minds her business 99% of the time, tweeps are always gunning for her over her lavish lifestyle.

Could it be out of pure jealousy?

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