Sarah Langa Says Hands Of Divorced Women!

She slams people who view divorcees as 'invaluable'

By  | Feb 21, 2022, 03:35 PM  | Sarah Langa  | Drama

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Sarah Langa is not impressed at the constant disrespect divorced women get from society. Ever heard of the term "returned soldier?" it is what society labels divorced women and the stigma attached to this, leaves such women scarred.

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Taking to social media, Sarah Langa ranted about this unfortunate behaviour towards women like her who are divorced. Sarah's marriage to ex-husband, Jehan Mackay lasted for only two years and ten months. She did admit that this marriage made her secure her first million.

At the time her divorce made front page headlines, she said it is not an easy thing to get over, “Divorce is not easy, it feels like losing a best friend, It’s like mourning a best friend’s  death to you but also witnessing that same friend’s life through a window without you. The world punishes women for divorces and there’s still so much stigma attached to being a divorcee, you will lose all (of) your married friends, there’s this constant unwanted pity that follows you everywhere you go.

Having experienced the nasty behaviour from women about divorce, Sarah calls out women who see divorce as a disease hence the constant bullying they endure from women who are married or in loving relationships.

"Married women and women in committed relationships really need to stop treating divorced women like divorce is some super contagious disease. Women will humiliate us, bully us, alienate us and judge us for a deciding to try seek a healthier life in less toxic environments," warned Sarah.

The influencer said people have viewed them as easy targets because they "don’t have the emotional and physical support to fend for themselves."

Langa then goes on to say that having a divorced friend in your circle could be a useful thing because they could teach your certain things so as to make sure, you do not make the same mistakes as them. But instead they are viewed as people who are after their men.

"...but instead y’all want to treat these resourceful women like women of no value and vultures that are after your men. Your man is not even my type and even if he was as a woman who has had recovered from heartbreak and has had to deal with the stress and anxiety of a divorce."

Sarah even called out the people who pretend to live by the saying “Be kind to the people around you because you don’t know what the person next to you is going through”, because they do not practice that on women who are divorced saying they treat such women less than their value.

The beauty influencer said she is very fortunate to be surrounded by women who are still in marriages as they guide her and offer her support. But it is these women who look down on her, that often target her.

She then said the purpose of her thread was to assist those women who feel like they are alone in this fight. Langa advises people to continue the conversation and most importantly be kind towards others.
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