Moozlie Now Officially DJ Zinhle’s BFF?

Seems Mooz is not that afraid of Pearl Thusi anymore

By  | Dec 04, 2022, 02:49 PM  | DJ Zinhle  | Relationships

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ZAlebrity friendships like ZAlebrity relationships are fleeting and never not permanent. Arguably one of the most talked ZAlebrity friendships has to be that of Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle. The friendship has seen more ups and downs in the public than most relationships as the public is continually speculating and waiting for the day that the two might just officially let us know that they are not friends anymore.
While that might not happen. What does seem to have happened is that currently the two might not be as close as they have been in the past, and it seems that Nomuzi “Moozlie” Mabena is ready and equipped to take over the role in Pearl Thusi’s stead. 
DJ Zinhle on current status with Pearl Thusi
As reported recently: 
DJ Zinhle was one of the latest stars to sit across now lauded breakfast radio show co-hosts Dineo Ranaka and Sol Phenduka on Kaya 959 Breakfast. While the DJ and businesswoman spoke on different aspects of her life including her marriage, children and new music as she released her new single Ngisimamise with Mvzzle and Sindi Nkosazana.
It was only a matter of time until DJ Zinhle was asked to address her friendship with Pearl Thusi. As such, when asked about the state of her friendship with her best friend who she fondly refers to as Sthe, Zinhle shared that: 
“Uhm, it’s good. Uhm, uhm, we have a sisterhood, uhm, and like with any other sisterhood there are seasons man. But we love each other dearly, uhm. We speak often; like I said, we have a sisterhood and like with any other sisterhood it is seasonal.” 
Moozlie now officially DJ Zinhle bff? 
While it has been a while since DJ Zinhle nor Pearl Thusi have actually posted each other on their individual timeline,  DJ Zinhle is seemingly more than happy to post Moozlie, even when it's not her birthday unlike Thusi. As seen with her latest post. 
But it is their Instagram stories that seem to suggest that Moozlie might have taken Thusi’s spot as DJ Zinhle official ZAlebrity bff. This is as the two partied together the whole of Saturday going from gig to gig together. Not only that, but the two shared doting posts affirming just how much fun and love they have for each other.
The sentiments come as a surprise as Moozlie was initially afraid of publicly claiming DJ Zinhle as a best friend forever during the first season of DJ Zinhle’s BET reality show The Unexpected. Moozlie, who was part of the planning committee for Zinhle’s surprise and intimate baby shower, had shared how she was afraid of taking Thusi’s spot as everyone knew that she was Zinhle official best friend. 
But it seems there are perks of being Zinhle’s right hand woman in business as Moozlie is officially Era by DJ Zinhle’s Creative Director. A position which has allowed her to travel with Zinhle to the US for work, to vacation with her during their down time and now party with her as part of her “job.”

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