S'fiso Ncwane "I'm lucky to be alive!"

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Sfiso Ncwane  | Drama

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S’fiso Ncwane is one of the most recognizable names in South African gospel music. However, it has been revealed that the star behind hits such as Kulungile Baba has been diagnosed with heart problems that are halting his career.

"At first I didn't take it seriously when my body started swelling. I thought it was because of travelling and performances," he said.

Doctors have since requested him to avoid strenuous activities after he almost collapsed one day when his pulse eased off drastically. 

Further examinations revealed that his heart was filled with acidic water. "In April I went for scans and ultra-sound before the drainage."

This was followed by weekly hospital visits for further scans.

"I am out of danger now and I count myself lucky that I survived. I have been given strict instructions to monitor my weight and eat healthily.

"I was a pap and vleis kind of guy and I had to stop that completely," he said.

This unforeseen health risk postponed his time in the studio as he was planning to record another album, Bayede Baba.

"I didn't keep my illness a secret but I just didn't want to worry my fans. I know that my recovery was through God's grace. When I was ill there were people I knew who died from the same condition."

Ncwane stopped performing the moment he found out that he had fallen ill. "I had to cancel gigs last year and early this year as I was taking it easym following the doctor's orders."

He was also unable to enter the Crown Gospel Music Awards. "I had plans to enter the awards this year, but when I got sick I took time [off] to nurse my health."

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