Shamiso Gets Mistaken For Jub Jub

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By  | May 28, 2021, 09:26 AM  | Shamiso Mosaka  | Drama

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We've all seen videos of people running for their lives at the sight of Moja Love's Uyajola 9/9 host, Jub Jub.

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The rapper has made a name for himself on the cheating show where himself and his crew help expose infidelity in marriages and romantic relationships. Disgruntled lovers who suspect their partners of cheating are urged to write in so they can be assisted with investigating and confronting their partner.  As a result, once Jub Jub is spotted in an area, one of two things happen; people take their phones out and follow him, or the guilty party fleas from the scene.

We reckon that because of this, cameras and crew members have now become some sort of trigger for some people, especially those who know that they are being unfaithful to their partners. This is exactly what happened when TV presenter and Youtube content creator Shamiso Mosaka and her crew were shooting at an apartment.

The MTV VJ says while they were busy shooting, a guy came out of his unit and bolted away from them. It is only after glancing at them again that he realised it was not Jub Jub and his crew, but Shamiso.

"So I’m shooting a show and we’re at an apartment building with lights and cameras and shit, does this one guy not come out of his unit and run away from us, after getting a better look he comes back and says he thought it was Jub Jub."

Shamiso's tweet garnered lots of reaction from tweeps who were saying they want another season of the channel 15 7 show.

ZAlebs recently reported that Uyajola 9/9 fans will be delighted to find out that their favourite show is returning to their screens soon. A tweep spotted Jub Jub and his crew out in Matatiele chasing a woman on a horse.

In an Instagram post in February 2021, Moja Love announced that the highly anticipated reality show will be returning for a new season and this time each episode will be broadcast live.

The sixth season will see Jub Jub and his team of cameramen confronting the alleged cheaters in a public setting, which will be aired live on the channel for audience members to see the reactions in real-time. According to sources, this new format is the channel's attempt to prove the authenticity of the reality show, which was previously suspected to be scripted. This new format seems to have excited fans who are very eager to see how the show will be structured in the new season. Catch the first episode on the 6th of June at 9PM.

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