Moja Love Embroiled In Plagiarism Scandal

The scandals never end

By  | Apr 28, 2021, 10:59 AM  | Drama

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Moja Love, Channel 157 on DSTV, is embroiled in yet another content show scandal after claims of theft by an independent producer from Durban.

Nandipha Mdinga has come out to accuse the channel of stealing her content ideas that she pitched in September 2020.

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According to DailySun, Mdinga's proposal was rejected several months after she had pitched, but what did not make sense to her was the request from the channel; stating that she should not promote the ideas because they were already under development.

"I was shocked when I saw that they were using the exact same concept as I had pitched to them while they rejected my ideas, telling me never to pitch them, because they were under development," she was quoted as saying.

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One of the ideas she had pitched was a show about rehabilitating young people who are addicted to nyaope, and a similar show premiered in December 2020 on the channel called 'Ready to Quit'.

However, Channel Head Bokani Moyo told the publication that a show about rehabilitation was already in the pipelines hence the request for Mdinga not to "promote the ideas."

She further stated that they receive several proposals and last year they had called for submissions in June.

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"Due to the magnitude of proposals received, the channel was working through all of them, so as to respond in a courteous manner to each individual.

"If the channel likes an idea, we will invite the owner of the concept to come present their idea to a panel of our existing executive producers."

Claims of such nature are not new where the channel is concerned. In September last year, a producer accused the channel of stealing his idea of the show 'You Promised To Marry Me'. While in February this year, another producer also publicly claimed to have had his content stolen and further revealed that the channel threatened to sue if he continued with these claims.

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