Shauwn Mkhize Did Not Audition For Uzalo Role

#OpenUpTheIndustry peeps will not like this!

By  | Mar 04, 2021, 08:59 AM  | Shauwn Mkhize  | Drama

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Time and time again, the Open Up The Industry chat is one that takes center stage whenever an old face re-appears on many productions on television. This explains the reception after we reported that Shauwn Mkhize would be joining the most watched soapie in the country Uzalo.

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As expected, Shauwn Mkhize did not audition for the role and neither did she express interest first in acting on the show. She tells TshisaLive that she was approached by the producers of the show to appear on the forthcoming season of the telenovela which will debut on March 5.

Shauwn Mkhize is a reality TV star but also a businesswoman, which explains her influence and the eagerness the production team might have in featuring her on the show. The show has been lacking in content and their dwindling numbers have been proof of that. After the SABC issued out several warnings for them to zhoosh up their storyline, they had to go back to the drawing board. 

Perhaps this move was done with high hopes that Shauwn would convince her 1.2 million Instagram followers to watch her on the season 7 premier of Uzalo. Shawun told the publication that her PR team met with Uzalo's PR team and then presented the idea to her. She then got excited about the opportunity and decided to give it the go ahead. 

“I'm actually feeling excited, dying to see how the final thing eventually came out,” MaMkhize told TshisaLive.

She clarified and said she never saw herself as an actress so when the opportunity presented itself she could not resist because people have been wanting her to return to their screens. Fans have apparently been asking for her to come back with another season of her reality show Kwa MamMkhize, so this 'cameo' would be a perfect opportunity for them to see her. 

The bubbly fashionista said she struggled with saying her lies so she asked the Uzalo team to allow her to improvise instead of saying every single line literatim.

“All that I asked from Uzalo, I said, ‘Guys, I’ve read your script but I can’t say it word for word. I know what you want me to say though, so can you please allow me to say it the way I understood it?” When they said yes, I was relieved and I was ‘OK cool, let’s go!’

On the soapie Shauwn's character is not someone far fetched from her reality. She is a wealthy businesswoman who has her eyes set on taking KwaMashu Kingdom Church.

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