Shauwn Mkhize Takes Over BET!

MaMkhize has a treat for her fans

By  | May 30, 2022, 03:12 PM  | Shauwn Mkhize  | Drama

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When Shauwn Mkhize came to the entertainment scene she left a mark and made an impression. We first got introduced to this business mogul through her reality series Kwa MaMkhize.

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Her wealth, lifestyle, personality, and smart business moves made her an instant household name. When her reality series ended, many were worried as to where were they going to watch the mogul do her thing, especially after she said she would never do reality shows ever again. But boy, does she have a treat for you!

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Shauwn Mkhize had a lavish Thanksgiving where fashion and camels ruled the night. Little did anybody know, the whole event will broadcast on BET Africa.

Taking to her social media, Shauwn shared a snippet of the two-part reality series which takes fans through the whole journey of her Thanksgiving ceremony.

MaMkhize's camels also stole the show for her Africa Day photoshoot. It seems as though it was inspired by the Egyptian culture. She penned a note asking her followers to take pride in their cultures and Africaness.

"To an Africa that is diverse, rich and beautiful, we salute you. Over the years you have been abused, taken for granted and mistreated all because you are everything THEY could have ever wished for. Today you still stand strong and we celebrate you, from Cape to Cairo your beauty and rich history remains undisputed. You’ve given us an identity that is the envy of many, for that we say ASANTE.

"My prayer for you is for the everlasting unity of your people. No matter the birth country, race, or religion we remain AFRICANS! After all, borders are just geography!

My Thanksgiving camels inspired my Africa Day shoot. This year I wanted to embody 28th Century Dynasty. Africa is rich in culture and heritage, you need not look far to find Queens, it’s in our DNA."

Shauwn explained why her reality show had to end Speaking to Drum magazine. "I feel I have achieved what I had set out to do on season 10 want to keep season 1 as my Legacy. It was an inspirational show to build my brand and reputation and I am very happy. I did not expect that people fall in love with Mamkhize but they did and it's time to let go there's no need for season 2. I was trying something new and I have achieved that goal making season 2 would not make sense."

Shauwn has a lot to celebrate as she recently welcomed her third grandchild. The doting granny went all out for her little princess as Tamia expressed gratitude for having them in their lives. 

During her baby shower speech, Tamia said, "I just want to thank you so so much for coming and for spending the day with me. The next time most of you guys see me i will be a mom. I know and I found comfort in the fact that I have so many people that I can ask for advice and that I can ask for help. I just know that the journey is going to be easier," she expressed.

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