Fans Desperately Want Sho Madjozi To Come Out Of Hiding!

Where is she anyway?

By  | Feb 22, 2022, 11:41 AM  | Sho Madjozi  | Drama

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John Cena hitmaker, Sho Madjozi has been MIA for months now and fans are starting to get worried about her. We see celebrities take a social media hiatus for various reasons, which include regaining their mental health, working on new projects, perhaps the hate might be too much for them so they disappear for a while just to flush out the toxicity or they simply are too busy. 

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Regardless of which ever reason Sho might have chosen, she is an artist who has to regularly push her work and keep her social presence alive to retain relevancy.

So this begs the question, if she is inactive on ALL her socials, them being Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, then she is not working on any new projects at the moment?

Fans have been asking where Sho Madjozi is and why is she MIA. Well some responses are from genuinely concerned fans but some are hilarious responses with people saying she married a wealthy man and decided to take a break from the lime light.

Check out these hilarious responses from fans:

Before even going on this hiatus, Sho was not making headlines, except for the time she went head to head with Maksandi players in a soccer match where she was the only female there.

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Other times she made into the ZAlebs headlines was when she was pitted against Makhadzi. People argued that the two ladies from the same hometown, who do the same type of music, are soaring at a different pace and that Sho made it internationally because she is light skinned and beautiful.

What sparked this is a video of Makhadzi dancing to Ghanama and a tweep tweeted this shady tweet, "Convinced Sh* M*djozi did so well in such a short space of time because she was light skinned. This lady makes good music, works hard & is a star but we know why she’s so overlooked," said @NalediSekoto.

Radio personality TBooze begged to differ, "Sho Madjozi peaked at the height of iGqom with a Gqom track. I don’t think it had anything to do with her skin colour. It was a wave at the time. Just like any Amapiano artist now. Every individual has a music preference. It’s has nothing to do with the artist brilliance."

But the one time Sho trended for the wrong reason was during Anele Tembe's death where it was revealed that she got confronted by Anele for calling AKA at night.

According to Sunday World, Anele wrote this to Madjozis' manager Shawn Nkuna, "From my understanding, Kiernan and Maya (Sho's real name) work together, which is strictly what I would like to know is why the f*** was she calling my man at 1AM in the morning, and what was so urgent. In fact I would like her to message and explain her story," Nellie allegedly wrote.

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