Simphiwe Dana: South African Men Are Weak

Simphiwe lashes out at SA men

By  | Jul 04, 2020, 08:09 AM  | Simphiwe Dana  | Drama

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It's round two of Simphiwe Dana vs South African men and this time Simphiwe is fed up.

The veteran musician has put men on blast for allowing women to be at the mercy of abusive men who rape and kill them.

For the past few weeks women being slaughtered has been dominating headlines, twitter trends and a peaceful march was even organised to get men more involved in the safety of women and children.

"South African men are so fucking weak. We are dying at their hands and all they can do is blame us for their idiocy. Women are dying in droves in South Africa. Yet the men are finding a way for us to feel sorry for them!" she ranted.

The Bamako singer also touched on Uyinene's death hoping that her killer rots in jail. She even went as far as saying 'Let them die'.

That's not all, Simphiwe also touched on how being a single mother has affected her riches as she planned on being a millionaire by now. She had put her baby daddy on blast for being an absent father.

"If I wasn’t a single parent and I wasn’t a mafungwashe I’d honestly be a millionaire. I’m grateful to be both though. My heart is very full. I just want lots of Prada dammit!" she said.

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