Woman Believes Simphiwe Scammed Her

The scamming never seem to end

By  | Feb 17, 2022, 08:57 AM  | Simphiwe Ngema  | Drama

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The scamming just never ends and our ZAlebs always fall victim to this money-making scheme. We also paint them as the victim, in the same way as the people who actually get scammed, because their names, pictures and reputation are put in the firing line.

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The latest victims are actress and songstress Simphiwe Ngema and a woman who is accusing her of this nonsensical crime.

The unidentified woman told Daily Sun that she had entrusted 'Simphiwe Ngema' with her R1000 with hopes that the money would return with a large interest.

Days go by with no money returned and the woman started getting very suspicious. Still not clicking to her that it might not be the real Simphiwe because she was very convinced that it was, she eventually decided it's best to expose her.

“I did everything Simphiwe Ngema wanted me to do but when I was supposed to get paid, I was blocked,” the woman told the publication. “I took my last money, hoping to get good returns but I got nothing. I just want my money back. I could have used it towards purchasing school items for my kids.”

The woman said she trusted Simphiwe because she is well-known so she did not expect her to two-time her just like that. The photo was the only thing which convinced the lady into thinking it is indeed Simphiwe, nothing else. 

Distancing herself from this crime, Simphiwe said she has been telling her followers about this, “It’s a fake account. I have been writing on Facebook to warn people.”

Simz recently penned a heartwarming letter to Tiyani, her son. " Dear Kearabilwe Kemorena, dreamt of your name before you were conceived, that’s how I know you are a gift from God. You’ve made me the happiest I have ever been. 

"You are everything I prayed for. Gentle, kind, loving, considerate, energetic with an amazing personality. They say a woman who needs growth gives birth to a girl and a woman who gives birth to a boy needs more love in their life. You’ve given me all the love I needed. I will always do my best to make you proud. I love you."

The mother and son duo is just the cutest pair. 

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Just a few days ago, we reported on Shawun Mkhize also being dragged for this. Daily Sun, revealed that a man by the name of Sivuyile Sophi was scammed of R1 000.

He said he wanted to turn the money into thousands so he could buy his kids school supplies.

"This person promised to make me R15 000 in three hours if I paid them R5 000. I didn’t have R5 000 but unfortunately, I invested my last R1 000,“ Sophi told the publication. “I saved R1 000 and I was planning to buy stationery and school uniforms in January. I kept searching for other ways to make money.”

The moment he realised that this was a scam was when he was asked to send his bank pin. “...by that time, I had deposited R1 000 and she promised me R5 200 within three hours.”

Shawun wiped her hands clean from this through her personal assistant, claiming she does not have a Facebook account. “She’s done everything to warn people about these fake accounts. She’s explained she doesn’t do trading. It’s sad to see people scammed in her name.”

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